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I'm taking a break from accepting more books for now. Don't know when I will start accepting review request again, but right now I feel that I'm overwhelmed with the books I have. So, for now, will I only review books through the contacts I have and books from Netgalley & Edelweiss!
1.) I prefer crime, mystery, horror, historical fiction, thrillers, fantasy and paranormal books.

2.) I'm not interested in YA, NA, erotica or romance books.

3.) Any email that is not addressed to me will be deleted as mass emailing reviewers is bad manner.

4.) I don't do deadlines. I read the book when it feels right.

5.) I'm always honest when it comes to reviews.

If you still want to send me a review request then send it to

Right now I have a lot of books to read so the chance for me to get to new books are quite slim...

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