Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dollbaby by Laura Lane McNeal

Dollbaby by Laura Lane McNeal
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

12-year-old Liberty Bell or Ibby as everyone calls her is sent after her father’s death to live with her grandmother Fannie in New Orleans. That Ibby had a grandmother was quite a shock to her because it has always been her and her parents. Her grandmother Fannie lives in an old house with black servants Queenie, Dollbaby and Crow. This is the 1960’s so segregation is still a part of the everyday lives. Ibby soon realizes that the town treats the blacks way different than the whites. She also get’s to know her grandmother Fannie better. And the years go by and Ibby grows up in the house with Fannie.

As we follow Ibby from 12 till 20 years old we also follow the world around her and all the people in her lives.  She grows up in a world of changes, for instance; President Johnson declares The Civil Rights Act. She also gets to know her grandmother Fannie better.

I was a bit confused until the end why the book was called Dollbaby because I thought the book was more about Ibby than Dollbaby. But in the end, everything was explained.

I love to read and watch movies about the 60’s, so much happened during the decade and this book was not an exception. It’s a coming of age story, but it’s also a story about Fannie that we through the book get to know better. And what a woman what a life, she is a real eccentric.

Last night I gave it 3,5 after I finished the book, but now in the morning as I’m writing the book review do I realize that I liked the book so much that a 4 is what it deserves. It’s not engrossing enough for a 5 but still a pretty darn good coming of age book.

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