Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Night Chills

I wasn’t suppose to read Night Chills (since I already have a lot of other books planned to read), but my eyes found it in a pile of books at home and I just felt the need for a Koontz. And I’m happy I followed my instinct since it was a really good novel.
Black River is a sleepy little town in Maine (Stephen King vibes) where the population starts getting night chills and suddenly all hell breaks loose. In the middle of the chaos stands a family that doesn’t get the night chills and have to fight for their lives.
I found that the worst thing with this book is that the night chills isn’t something spooky going on, something paranormal, instead it’s an experiment conducted by three men. And I have always found that the horror of the things than humans do to each other is far worse than monsters under the bed or aliens in space.
Night Chills was a well written, fast paced book that I devoured quickly.

4 stars

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